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    Dating in the dark recap july 27

    Kevin stood up, began buttoning his coat, and announced that he'd be leaving town with Bella immediately. Nikki said at that point, she'd vowed not to ever step over the line again. Jill agreed that Alzheimer's was a horrible disease.

    Kevin urged Nikki to do the same, noting that he'd warned Nikki the day she'd hired him that they'd be caught. Billy added, "It's hell on earth is what it is." Jill happily greeted Cane when he arrived.

    Scott said they'd have to wait until the city revealed the buyer of the property. Christine noted that she'd already alerted a judge. Victoria expressed doubt that Jack had reason to do it. After the call, Victor told Victoria that Christine had reported that the account anomaly had simply been a bank error, so no funds were missing. Victor promised not to do anything to Nikki after he informed her that she wouldn't face charges. Jill said Billy appeared to lack the drive to accomplish success on his own.

    Victoria was hesitant to wait for the city to release the name of the buyer. said he assumed that like Victoria, Nikki would rather he look the other way. that she'd maintained her relationship with Victor in public because he'd assure her that his transgressions had been perpetrated out of love to protect his family. Victor reminded Victoria that Jack had tried for a year to destroy Brash & Sassy, though Victor gave himself credit for thwarting Jack's plans by buying the company. It was Mom." Victoria told Victor she wanted it all to go away and had enlisted J. Billy noted that he'd sought fulfillment in all the wrong places.

    After Victor had hired Kevin to spy on Nikki, Kevin warned Victor that he'd learn things he might not want to know. warned that Nikki would face the consequences of her actions. Traci, noting the gleam in Jack's eye, said he evidently had something splash-worthy in mind.

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    Ashley said it was the worst time to buy another company.

    Abby said, "Sounds to me like someone with a personal vendetta." Scott arrived. At the Top of the Tower, Traci and Ashley visited over lunch.

    Victor told Scott that he had a project that required special handling. T., and he agreed that for Nikki, the punishment wouldn't have fit the crime. Traci expressed her concern that Jack was taking on too much. Ashley noted that Jack believed he could care for Dina, compete with rivals, and run Jabot from home.

    Ashley told Traci they should contact board members and call a special meeting before Jack went too far.

    Jill and Cane returned home after visiting Sam at the hospital. Jill also praised Mattie for donating blood to Sam.

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